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Our A/W 2021-2022 collection, FIREBIRD, was presented at City Fashion Week. Dancer Anna-Sofia Bucur-Sabau, 11 years old, performed a contemporary ballet dance with the choreography made by Adriana Ioana Ispas.

©Andrada Sangeorzan


Team: Video @plesa.paul ; Dancers @sandeamiruna @isgipsy ; Coordinator @a__society ; Fashion designer ; Makeup Artist @istratevalentina ; Hair Artist @doinelbocan | @headline.studioacademy ; Photo @adonnnn @fillavandrel ; Helper @ana.fertea .


"Since I’ve known Alesandra she was that type of multi-kulti, multi-disciplinary and multi-styles creative head. Finding models to shoot her new collections is easy as Alesandra’s clothes do not require a specific attitude, nor a specific appearence. And I think NEONatal groove is the best example to show that. We’ve had fun on set. We went through different emotions only to test the concept and make sure her clothes fit anyone. And everyone. At any point in life. In any mood." -Melissa Ivana

©Melissa Ivana

©ERVA production

"Alesandra does not make only clothes, she creates art. That's what I love about her. NEONatal Groove talks about her artsy approach of the fashion industry.
While creating this campaign video I wanted to envision the whole thing as a whole and bring the best out of her art." -Ervin Szabo