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About our company

Free the Rebel Spirit

Everything started when : 

I realized that more often than not, people judge based on misconceptions. 

If you don’t behave in a strict, normative way, such as dressing up in a particular manner, you are believed to be a weird person. And because of that, you are excluded from the rest of the group. 

Fashion is more than clothes and accessories. It is a form of expression and freedom. 

So I wondered, what is the solution to this problem?

A solution to all of this would be normalizing the free spirit by creating a strong, caring community that shares the same values.

And thus, from this humble beginning, our brand- Alesandra- was born.

By working hard and caring for our customer’s demands, we hope to change the fashion world through unique, high-quality and sustainable designs while promoting an ethical workplace for all of our employees.

Our store aims to create a healthy environment that promotes sustainability more than anything. 

Remember, beauty should not hurt the very home we received by mother nature so, let’s learn to give back!


“We aim to create unique designs, normalizing the free spirit, offering great quality with vast sustainability awareness.”

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What is our aim Here at Alesandra's Fashion? 

Alesandra is about caring- for the environment, ethics, individuality, customers. The brand construction is around the clients’ needs. Through our practice, we offer the full package of unique designs with in-depth research- good quality- sustainability awareness- tailored for your body. Be part of our community so you can

Be #bold, Be #unique. Wear #alesandrafashion.


Our company aims for: 




Ethical practices and sourcing


Community-based work


Unique Designs

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Our approach regarding sustainability consists of trying our best to have the lowest environmental impact possible. We are creating slow fashion, with in-depth research of designing, fab­rics and best way of manufacturing. Our production line is lo­cal, and most of the materials are from Romania, which offers a smaller loss of materials and consumption of CO2. We are com­municating fully transparent with our customers helping them make the best decision for themselves. Also, we are creating cus­tom sizes and designs, to assure our customers fulfil of needs. (which also reduces the number of retuning pieces, and once with it unnecessary consumption of CO2, packaging, etc.)

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